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Limitless Automation Possibilities

What is LAP?

Limitless Automation Possibilities

  • Powerful, Low-Code industrial automation tool which eliminates writing most PLC logic
  • Flexible control engine inspired by ISA-88 while remaining highly customizable
  • Visualization graphics which streamline plant floor troubleshooting by displaying PLC functions in layman’s terms
  • Resilient runtime system execution with 100% code residing in the PLC dependent of any server
  • Ability to perform incremental and major system modifications with option to instantaneously revert without a traditional download

What LAP is not?

  • LAP does not force specific controls strategies
  • LAP will not automatically adapt to fit optimize your process (yet)
  • LAP will not eliminate the need for plant controls personal, but will allow them to perform at a elevated capacity

What LAP is?

  • A universal sequencing approach driven by data which uses a hierarchy of sequences to delivery consistent and contextual control and data where and when it is required
  • Reduces automation development time by allowing a wider audience into the world of process automation.
  • Enables manufactures to achieve the future of automation by freeing up resources to address future needs and digital transformation.